The PROTECTAIR™ Series is the most advanced mask available for non-clinical use. Integrating superior non-fiberglass and non-chemical based MERV 16-rated filtration with bamboo and charcoal antimicrobial fabric to create an elite and sustainable layer of protection against bacteria, odors, dust, pollen, various airborne organisms and harmful pollutants.

AIR BANDIT™ Pro Bandanas

The world's most advanced bandana. Engineered to protect against harmful pollutants in most urban settings, our bandanas offer personalized fit for optimal comfort with a sleek design that will enhance your everyday style.

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Flexible nose bridge wire runs the length of the top of the mask inside reinforced material, perfectly adjusting to the contours of any face for an excellent seal, also reducing the chance of fogging up glasses as you breath.

Adjustable satin-like straps holding mask in place without pulling your ears forward, allowing you to wear the mask for hours without irritation. All masks are washable and reusable, including those with built-in filters.

MERV 16-rated filters are built-in (PROTECTAIR™ Pro) or interchangeable (PROTECTAIR™ Lite), providing the highest filtration available in a non-medical mask.

We utilize materials made for real-world environments and not taken from the healthcare supply-chain. Made from bamboo fibers and charcoal, the masks are stain resistant, highly durable and antimicrobial.

MASKOT™ Series

Highly breathable, comfortable and stable, MASKOT™ Series masks move with you.

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MERV 16-RATED Filters

DEFENDAIR™ Filters offer an added layer of insertable protection to accompany DEFENDAIR™ Lite masks only. Order individually, in packs of 10 or boxes of 30.

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DAVID M. Verified Buyer

Australia Fires

After wearing for about an hour, I took it off thinking the brush fire smoke dissipated. I quickly realized it was not the case.

KELVIN G. Verified Buyer

Still in Great Condition!!!

I use my mask daily on a construction site plus after work when jogging. It fits great, doesn't pull my ears forward and provides enough coverage to keep dust and dirt away from my mouth and nose all day.

EMMA M Verified Buyer

Bye, Bye Allergies

I love spending time outdoors but I tend to suffer from seasonal allergies. Wearing this face mask has had a tremendous impact on alleviating them. It's an product I can't live without!


We’ve donated tens of thousands of FDA Approved surgical masks to Healthcare agencies and institutions.

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